A description of those commemorated in new statues on the west front of westminster

It strikes an awe And terror on my waking sight: Other cathedrals may surpass the Abbey of St. The first subjects of the Crown interred here—except the members of the monastery itself—were the officers of Edward the Confessor, "thus," as Dean Stanley has touchingly observed, "reunited with him whom they had served in life.

A description of those commemorated in new statues on the west front of westminster

Designed by Sir Christopher Wren, it served both as a place of worship and a tourist attraction in Regency London, as it continues to do today. Sir Christopher Wren designed the new cathedral, but what is not widely known, is that it was not built to his original and preferred design.

He first formed a model in wood, according to the best style of Greece and Rome, which was highly approved by persons of superior taste and judgment; but the bishops thought proper to reject it, as not being sufficiently adapted to the usual form of Christian churches.

The decorations were completed in The cost was largely financed by a coal tax levied on fuel entering the Port of London. Inthe cathedral was artificially protected from lightning as recommended by the Royal Society. According to The Picture of London forabout 6, children attended, though Old and New London suggested that as many as 8, were usually present.

A description of those commemorated in new statues on the west front of westminster

The Anniversary of the Sons of the Clergy is held at St. Paul's, where is performed a fine concert of sacred music, and afterwards there is a dinner at Merchant Taylor's Hall.

Tickets are to be had of various booksellers.

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The thieves broke open nine doors to get at the treasure, which was never afterwards heard of. This post required him to be in residence for three months a year.

The west front is graced with a most superb portico, a noble pediment, and two stately turrets; and in the approach to the church through Ludgate-street, the elegant construction of this front, the fine turrets over each corner, and the vast dome behind, combine to form an object of the most impressive grandeur.

The length of this church, including the portico, is feet; the breadth ; the height, to the top of the cross, ; the exterior diameter of the dome, ; and the entire circumference of the building, 2, feet.

A dwarf stone wall, supporting an elegant ballustrade of cast iron, surrounds the church, and separates the church-yard or area from a spacious carriage-way on the south side, and a broad foot pavement on the north.

The Picture of London for claimed: The chief ornament of London is the Cathedral Church of St Paul, which stands on the northern bank of the Thames, in the centre of the metropolis, on an eminence situated between Cheapside on the east and Ludgate-street on the west.

St Paul's Cathedral is the most prominent feature in all the views of London, its peculiar cupola or dome catches your eye, look at London from what point you may. The Picture of London for explained: A person is ready within to pass the visitor to the stair-case leading to the curiosities, for which he demands four-pence … For each of the other curiosities there is a separate charge, and the visitor may see or pass by which of them he pleases.

The Picture of London for wrote: Louis Simond, who visited Great Britain in wrote: We stopped at St Paul's. My admiration of this magnificent temple is not yet diminished.

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Its interior is thought naked and unfinished. I was nevertheless struck with its greatness, which loses little by the want of minute ornaments. The entire pavement, up to the altar, is of marble chiefly consisting of square slabs, alternately black and white; and is very justly admired.

The floor round the communion-table is of the same kind of marble mingled with porphyry. The communion table has no other beauty; for, though it is ornamented with four fluted pilasters, that are very noble in their form they are merely painted and veined with gold, in imitation of lapis lazuli.

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Eight Corinthian columns, of blue and white marble, of exquisite beauty, support the organ gallery. The screen that incloses the choir, is poor in itself, and forms an absurdity, by its Gothic architecture, in the midst of the Grecian style of the stone-work.

The Gothic screen berated by The Picture of London in the passage quoted above was removed in The vast piers and immense arches divide the vaults into three avenues. The Microcosm of London wrote: His remains were interred in the great vault of his own church: He lies in the place of honour, the extreme east of the crypt.The name Westminster describes the area around Westminster Abbey and Palace of Westminster, – the West Minster, or monastery church, west of the City of London's St Paul's, that gave the area its name–which has been the seat of the government of England for almost a thousand years.

The Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster, which is almost always referred to popularly and informally as Westminster Abbey, is a large, mainly Gothic church, in Westminster, London, just to the west of the Palace of Westminster.

Feb 04,  · Westminster Abbey, formally titled the Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster, is a large, mainly Gothic abbey church in the City of Westminster, London, just to the west . Westminster Abbey, formally titled the Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster, is a large, mainly Gothic abbey church in the City of Westminster, London, England, just to the west Previous denomination: Roman Catholic.

Twenty modern Christian martyrs were recognized with statues installed on niches over the west door to Westminster Abbey in Those niches has been empty since the Middle Ages.

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Ten 20th century Christian martyrs have been commemorated with statues at Westminster Abbey in London. The statues were. St Stephen's Tower is positioned in the middle of the west front of the Palace, between Westminster Hall and Old Palace Yard, and houses the public entrance to the Houses of Parliament, known as St Stephen's Entrance.

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