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Assignments discoveryeducation

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According to the definitions, an agency can appoint an employee into a higher level position without restrictions if the incumbent is on a leave of absence, e. In reviewing the legislative history of the bill, it appears the lawmakers intended the hour limitation to avoid employees from working in higher level positions for extended periods of time without officially promoting into those positions.

Thus, there is a risk of violating the law if an agency were to try to circumvent Section by not actively recruiting for the vacant position.

Assignments discoveryeducation

Please seek legal counsel if your agency is considering an out-of-class assignment into a position for which the agency is not recruiting. What Happens if an Agency Violates Section ?

Third, your agency will need to track the hours worked by an employee to make sure that the employee is not working over hours.

For your reference, an employee working 40 hours per week can work in an out-of-class appointment for approximately 24 weeks per fiscal year. This will help your agency avoid the penalties associated with violating this law.

Useful information for navigating legal challenges

Finally, it is not enough to simply track the hours. Sectionsubdivision balso requires the agency to report the out-of-class service to CalPERS within 30 days following the end of each fiscal year. Possible Challenges The new statute appears to be aimed at the period in which an employee may be appointed to a higher classification rather than the issue of reportable compensation.

Temporary upgrade pay compensation for acting in a higher position is not pensionable compensation for new members, while it remains compensation earnable for classic members.

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