Bio 315 week 2 individual assignment

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Bio 315 week 2 individual assignment

How do the definitions of ecology presented by Essentials of Ecology and the one proposed by Ernst Haeckel vary? Which of these previous definitions of ecology do you agree with and why?

What factors make the Galapagos Islands such a fertile ground for observing evolution and natural selection? Field Study by Beren Robinson in Ch. What are some examples of how the limited quantity of resources affect intraspecific completion? How does intraspecific competition affect species distribution and their evolution Define the terms fundamental niche and realized niche.

How can niche differentiation or complementary experiments explain aspects of evolutionary theory?

Bio 315 week 2 individual assignment

How does an understanding of fitness, abundance, and foraging behavior help us understand predation? How does environmental patchiness Resources: University of Phoenix Materials: Temperature and Precipitation, Intraspecific Competition, and Interspecific Competition located on your student websiteImagine you are an ecologist studying ecosystems.

What are some ways ecologists define populations? What are some of the factors that regulate populations?

Bio 315 week 2 individual assignment

What challenges do ecologists encounter when studying populations? Why are small populations more susceptible to extinction from demographic stochasticity than larger populations? What is primary and secondary production?

What are the limiting factors on primary production in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems? Describe how the hydrological cycle transports water through ecosystems.

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What are some examples of both benign and disruptive human contributions to biogeochemical cycles? Identify producers and consumers in your native biome and answer the following questions: What role does scale play in the study of ecology? Why are aquatic ecosystems classified differently than terrestrial biomes?

Why do ecologists study the transitional zones between biomes? What is the difference between species richness and diversity? What are some of the challenges in determining the species richness of a community? How can these challenges be overcome?Description. PSY Statistical Reasoning in Psychology.

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