Bordeaux wine region essay

Bordeaux is typically defined by its complex appellation system, where wines are characterized by their specific districts of origin.

Bordeaux wine region essay

It was wonderful to share with you this past week full with Bordeaux wines and lovely vineyards.

Bordeaux wine region essay

You made our trip really memorable and unforgettable. A memorable learning vacation Why do our guests rave about on our tours? Surely they adore the Chateau-meals in venues Bordeaux wine region essay open to the public.

Of course they love tasting all five First Growths with fellow wine lovers, especially comparing Lafite Rothschild to Margaux in our chateau dining room. Discovering museums, gardens and historical monuments are highlights as well.

But what our guests rave the most about is their personal experience with us. And the great fun combined with behind-the-scenes insights. Or in their words: You will experience Bordeaux bonded with a handful of like-minded wine lovers who want to understand and taste fine wines, eat amazing food and enjoy tales of the vines, life in France and the wit and wisdom of your tour-host Ronald Rens.

He knows his wines and the Bordeaux area and he is very good at presenting his knowledge to any level of wine connoisseur. Ronald has a way of telling a story that keeps you engaged and laughing the entire trip. The adventure begins Ronald and Margaret love to welcome you at their Bordeaux chateau Checking into the Chateau for the first night of your adventure, you will be greeted by the gregarious Ronald and the lovely Margaret who shows you to one of the handful of beautifully appointed rooms on the property.

Somehow a glass of champagne gets slipped into you hand and the adventure begins. Ronald and Margaret have spent many years becoming an integral part of the Bordeaux wine scene.

Memorable and fun learning vacation The tasting room at Chateau Coulon Laurensac overlooking the pool Not only is the tour informative and educational for a wine enthusiast or novice, it is tremendous fun. Bordeaux wine lovers you will not leave disappointed.

New to wine and Bordeaux, you will leave knowledgeable. To all, you will come to experience there is that word again what makes Bordeaux special — from the terroir to the techniques that each Chateau brings to their bottles, honed over, in most cases, centuries of their art and craft.

You will come to experience the special people that Ronald and Margaret are who have created a very special adventure that has as much to do with who they are as where this tour visits. This is their passion, and you will feel very fortunate to be a part of it.

Bordeaux wine region essay

Learn about French wines, food and culture, filled with humor and a wealth of wine knowledge. As part of the tour group you are automatically beneficiary of all his many years of hard work that featured visits to exceptional chateaux, and tastings of many superior Bordeaux vintages.

Behind the scenes Margaret and Ronald put a great deal of attention to detail. As a result everything will go very smoothly, and you will be made to feel very special.

Venues, tastings and vintages not available to the public Authentic Bordeaux venues not open to the public Imagine visiting First Growth and Grand Cru vineyards from an insider perspective, savoring lunches prepared by top Chefs within the winery itself, and enjoying the experience in a very intimate and relaxed setting.

Ronald and Margaret will go out of their way to make you feel at home. Margaret enhances the food experience and makes you feel welcome from the moment you arrive. Ronald is the quintessential host, who is very knowledgeable about wine, food and life. He is passionate about wine and intimately involved with his guests having a special experience.

To be granted access to the most prestigious Chateaus in Bordeaux where is will be clear from their interactions that Ronald has long established personal relationships will be an unforgettable experience.

Great Destinations in France: Bordeaux and Wine Country

If the answer is: It may seem at first that the tour rates are at a certain price level. But if you compare the time spent on this incredible adventure with that of a luxury cruise with your lodging, incredible meals and the ability to taste the wines of your First Growth Bordeaux dreams, you will conclude that there is in fact, tremendous value on offer here.

The education on Bordeaux wines alone and the ability to say that you tasted more First Growth and classic vintage Bordeaux wines than most sommeliers would be worth it by itself.

Or in the words of a previous guest:Unique wine tour in Bordeaux: get to blend your own wine along with the winemaker!

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Discover the most prestigous wine region of Bordeaux through 2 very different visits & tastings. France's Finest. Bordeaux's wines are the paradigms of classic red, white, and dessert wines. With a rich history and a revered terroir, this famed region is the beating heart of the fine wine world.

After the phylloxera epidemic that devastated much of the Bordeaux, as well as vineyards all over Europe, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc became the dominant Bordeaux wine grapes for the region. Petit Verdot, Malbec and Carmenere were rapidly being phased out. The Bordeaux region, which takes its name from its central city, has thousands of wine estates.

According to figures from the wine region's official trade organization, the Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux, nearly 8, growers harvest grapes each year.

Dec 05,  · Michael Fagan takes us on this memorable journey through the historic vineyards of Bordeaux in Discover why this region produces wine with such a . The Bordeaux wine-growing region is centred on the city of Bordeaux, but extends across the whole of the Gironde department.

At , hectares in total, it is the largest wine-growing region in France and, with the possible exception of Champagne, it is also the most famous.

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