Canibus master thesis youtube mp3

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Canibus master thesis youtube mp3

canibus master thesis youtube mp3

Calling all dogs, calling all dogs Be on the look out for a big homo nigga with dimples And I'ma let y'all know somethin', it ain't just start here We've been preyin' on that ass since "Jack the Ripper" And now its time to rip it to the jacker ahhhhhhhhhhh No rapper could rap quite like I can You know who the fuck I am, I'm the canibus man I had to rock to a beat like this to show you That I'm iller then the future, the present, and the old you I told you, wish you could take it all back don't you Tried to smoke some canibus but canibus smoked you Calling yourself the greatest is something you don't do Cause after I humiliate you what will the G.

The Greatest Liar Of All Time that cannot rhyme That cannot shine as long as I'm alive Your prime ended 8 months before '99 And that microphone on your arm will always be mine Nigga you're dead I told you to leave it alone, but you was too stubborn Now your in a world where the hunter becomes the hunted Your wife is scared cause she don't want to lose a husband And somebody keeps paging you putting in You can't sleep at night thinking about the drama Shit stains all up in your phat farm pijamas Even f.

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I'll punch that bitch in the mouth Cause she don't know what she talking about Ay yo, do me a favor when you see your ghostwriters Tell them the rhymes they wrote for you should have been a lot tighter You could have asked me, I'll write you some lines I'll do anything for the greatest loser of all time You still drippin' with wack juice 'cause you wack nigga If you want the last word you can have it, I'm still iller You're thesis writing ppt An experienced guide from order is sent to with deep knowledge in phd thesis writing ppt round the clock.

Are well versed we will answer all you questions phd thesis writing ppt will TO THE GREATEST EXTENT and on time. Free Download Ll Cool J - 4,3,2,1 Ft. Method Man, Redman, Canibus, Dmx, Master P Mp3, Ll Cool J Ft Method Man, Redman & Dmx - 4, 3, 2, 1 Mp3, 4,3,2,1 - Ll Cool J Ft.

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Master Thesis Canibus Mp3

These are rap or hiphop songs that would appeal to mature adults. Good story-lines. Good messages. And no excessive cursing. Some aren't even hip-hop at all but interesting covers or past hip-hop artists.

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