Essay on elizabeth cady stanton

Ernestine Rose[ edit ] Ernestine Rose was a feminist and an atheist, well before the label "atheist feminist" existed.

Essay on elizabeth cady stanton

Papers and Articles Relating to Daniel Cady 1. Her mother was from a well-to-do family with ties to the American Revolution.

Essay on elizabeth cady stanton

Daniel Cady was a prominent lawyer and politician in the state of New York. From a young age, Elizabeth was keenly aware of the gender-based power imbalances that were in place in her day.

With bitterness, she later recounted the many times her father responded to her aspirations and achievements by declaiming that she should have been born a boy. She learned to play chess and ride a horse.

She entered Johnstown Academy and won prizes and awards. Though still unable to please and impress her father to her satisfaction, these moments clearly motivated her to achieve. His laments that she was not a boy were perhaps more a recognition of the social constraints she would face as a grown woman than an expression of his own need for a son.

Essay on elizabeth cady stanton

She voiced her dismay to her father, and this is the counsel he gave her: His advice gave her an alternative and foreshadowed the career she would make for herself as a reformer. Born into a world of wealth and privilege, Elizabeth benefited from a better education than most girls were granted in her day.

She felt it unjust that she was barred from attending the more academically rigorous Union College, then an all-male institution. While she gained greater understanding Essay on elizabeth cady stanton women and feminine culture at Troy, overall her experience there convinced her that male-female co-education is superior to single-sex education.

Seeing and visiting with men was such a novelty at Troy that it created an almost unnatural obsession with the other sex. Elizabeth did not complete a degree at Troy. Yet his preaching left Elizabeth terrified and perplexed.

She considered his calls to give her heart to Jesus irrational, if not incomprehensible, and she refused to repent. Even so, she was still disturbed by the images of hell and damnation Finney had planted in her mind.

They treated her to a retreat in Niagara where all talk of religion was forbidden, so that she could settle herself and regain her spiritual bearings. After this exposure to Protestant revivalism, Elizabeth remained a religious skeptic for the rest of her life. Elizabeth continued to study on her own after her time at Troy Seminary.

She also spent time with her intellectual and reform-minded cousins in nearby Peterboro, New York. In the Smith household, Elizabeth was exposed to a number of new people as well as to new social and political ideas.

Her aunt and uncle were egalitarians not only in the ideal, but in the everyday, sense. Their home was open to African Americans on their way to freedom in Canada as well as to Oneida Indians they had befriended. It also teemed with activists and intellectuals who discussed, debated and strategized about the social and political events of the day—chief among them abolition.

Her uncle, Peter Smith, was a staunch advocate of racial equality who sought an end to American slavery. Gerrit and his friends in the abolition movement would not only influence Elizabeth, but introduce lifelong challenges as she and other social reformers sought to bring full equality to all people, regardless of color, creed, or gender.

He was already an extremely prominent and influential abolitionist orator. Beginning his career as a journalist, Stanton met Theodore Weld while attending the Rochester Manual Labor Institute and Weld was touring the country to learn more about manual labor schools.

Both were compelling public speakers. Both were committed to social and political reform. And both had been influenced by Charles Finney. In Rochester, Stanton first met Finney when he was serving as replacement pastor at a local church.

Like Weld—and in stark contrast to his future wife—Stanton was thoroughly impressed by Finney as an orator and theological thinker. He was simply full of awe and admiration for the man. Lane was based on the manual labor model and initially was a great success.

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Henceforth, no events related to political issues were to be held without prior approval from the board.

Nearly half the students at the seminary—Stanton and Weld among them—withdrew from the institution in protest. Stanton then began working alongside Weld, first as an agent of the American Anti-Slavery Society, then as an officer of the organization.

Studying law under Daniel Cady after he and Elizabeth married, Henry then became a lawyer and a political operative. He aspired to hold office himself, and succeeded in doing so for a short time in the early s.

In the s, Stanton was a frequent visitor to the Smith household and a chief contributor to their many discussions about social and political issues.Search tool used to locate a specific marriage among those that are maintained by the La Salle County Genealogy Guild.

Essay on Elizabeth Cady Stanton's Fight for Equality Words | 6 Pages. Elizabeth Cady Stanton was not just a mother, daughter, feminist, and writer; but she is the woman who changed the lives of women everywhere by fighting for equality. Paris Press is a (c)(3) independent press that publishes groundbreaking yet overlooked literature by women writers.

The Press values work that is daring in style and in its courage to speak truthfully about society, culture, history, and the human heart. Elizabeth Cady Stanton In this paper we are going to discuss the famous social activist and leader of the women movement – Elizabeth Stanton and the way it influenced the .

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