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Elections in India The elections held to elect the members of the Lok Sabha after expiry of the Parliamentary Elections. Earlier up to simultaneous elections were held for both the Lok Sabha and the State Assemblies. However, on account of early dismissal and mid-term elections the two got separated.

General election

Countdown to the General Election Theresa May has called a snap general election for June 8, claiming that divisions at Westminster risked hampering the Brexit negotiations. The Prime Minister will require the support of two-thirds of MPs to go to the country, with a vote scheduled in the Commons on Wednesday after the surprise announcement on Tuesday morning.

General Election

The move stunned Westminster, as Mrs May and Number 10 have repeatedly insisted she would not seek a general election before the scheduled poll. But Mrs May, who has a fragile working majority of just 17 in the Commons, said she wanted "unity" at Westminster as talks on Brexit begin in earnest with the European Union.

Theresa May making her statement outside Number 10 Credit: It later emerged that Mrs May had phoned the Queen yesterday to inform her of her intention.

The move takes place against the backdrop of the country's decision to leave the European Union in last year's referendum. Justifying the decision, Mrs May said: Senior Tories had urged Mrs May to call an early election, taking advantage of the Conservatives' healthy opinion poll lead over Jeremy Corbyn's Labour.

General election

Mrs May suggested she reached her decision over the Easter parliamentary recess - during which she went on a walking holiday in North Wales.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn welcomed Mrs May's calls for an early election saying it will "give the British people the chance to vote for a government that will put the interests of the majority first. But it is understood that the party has decided internally that there will be no trigger ballots.

Mr Corbyn's office declined to comment on what it described as a leak of "ongoing discussions". Alex Salmond accuses May of "opportunism" Alex Salmond has accused Theresa May of "blatant opportunism" in calling a snap general election.

The former Scottish first minister and ex-SNP leader said the Prime Minister was seeking to capitalise on the "weakness" in Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party and as a result had "dashed" to call a ballot.

General election

He confirmed his intention to stand in the June 8 poll, saying he would again put himself forward to be a candidate for the "wonderful" constituency of Gordon. And he claimed it was the SNP who would offer the "real opposition" to the Conservatives and their "hard right agenda".


Theresa May will decline any invitation to take part in televised debates held in the run-up to a general election proposed for June 8, it is understood. Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron called on the broadcasters to "empty chair" her, saying the decision not to take part was an "attempt to dodge scrutiny".General Election November 6, Unofficial Results for Election V-City of San Clemente, Election of City Council Members by District.

W-City of San Clemente, Increase In "Hotel" Guest Tax.

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Labour's deputy leader Tom Watson fears Theresa May could earn herself a "Margaret Thatcher-style majority" at the General Election. Read the full story ›.

There are three opportunities that you have during a general election campaign where you can substantially move the needle of public opinion.

General election

One, is your convention speech; two, are the base; three, is the selection of your vice president. Louisiana Secretary of State Louisiana Secretary of State. Loading Voting is coming to an end in the UK general election.

Polls opened at BST on Thursday at more than 40, polling stations across the country, with counting starting once voting ends at Coming soon, a redesign to the SBE website. We want to hear from our users. Here is your chance to tell us what you would like us to change in order to build a website that creates a user friendly experience that serves your needs.

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