How to write a love song for your crush

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How to write a love song for your crush

Just like any other form of art, it takes passion, creativity and desire. A song is the deepest way of communication known to humanity. A song can be written by one individual today, just for it to speak out to millions of people a century ahead.

What makes the song so powerful is not just the words but rather, the theme, the emotions and the artistic display. When writing a songyou need to piece together scattered words into information that speaks to peoples personal lives.

Be Book-Smarter.

There is a way in which the top songwriters work around the process. The time investment into the art of songwriting varies from one individual to another depending on their level of creativity. However, the bottom line remains that every written song has the basics.

This step by step guide, will not only help you write your first song, but also communicate your deepest thoughts. What are the main issues you want to talk about in your song? Most songwriters are known to choose themes that draw from their childhood. People choose to talk about things that surround them, a situation they are passing through, or things that they have already passed through.

The importance of choosing a topic that you can relate to is that it adds the required passion into the song. The expression of a experience is much more intense than that of a fictional story. When choosing your theme, you should try and relate it to the song genre.

There are various topics that go hand in hand with given song genres. For example, a song that is anchored on love would be better expressed in blues than as a rock music. Not to say that rock music cannot talk about love, but they are not the best platform to express that feeling. Some of the themes you could choose include, politics, parenting, racism, social classes, religion, and the most common, love.

Narrow Down Your Theme to a topic Now that you have decided you want to sing about love, you need to decide what specifically are you going to talk about. Finding the lyrics for your song is not easy unless you are specific. You can choose to write a song about the love of your life, the love of your dreams, the love that you lost, someone that loved you, someone that lost a loved one and so one.

You can even start creating characters at this stage. You can give the love of your life a name, for example, Jane, or James. This will make a starting point for your lyrics. Although, it is not necessary to have character names in a song.

Most people prefer referring to the other parties in the first, second and third pronouns. For example, I, she, he, they or we. If it is a love that deserted your life, you can start writing about the good things you had together first. Get your listeners intrigued. Once you start by praising your lover's beauty and character, most people will be interested in listening to the song until the end.

After writing everything down, the good and the bad, you need to start analyzing them. From the notes, you will choose what to use in your song based on what message you want to pass out "theme".

Select the words that best express what you want to say and set them as your lyrics. Write Down The Lyrics What you have are words. Out of these words, we need to first get the chorus.

Your song chorus should carry the weight of your message. You can choose four sentences that best represent your best thoughts on the topic. Although it is not a must, you can start creating similarly ending words within your lyrics and chorus. You then arrange your song into the main sections, the verse, the chorus and the bridge.

Most songs start with the verse, then the chorus, another verse, the bridge then the chorus. This is not a strict pattern, you can write a song even without a bridge.Although love is a common topic for pop songwriters, the perfect love song is probably the most difficult to write.

The presented here describe all types of relationships and emotions and cover a range of musical styles, from classic rock 'n' roll to modern pop.

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how to write a love song for your crush

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