Meaningful misunderstanding

Even then, although we are required to forgive, we are still not required to reconcile.

Meaningful misunderstanding

Important is that 'meaning' is transferred. In other words, it is important the other persons understand what we want them to understand, that they understand the intended meaning. More precisely, purposeful communication is the transmission of intended meaning to others.

Implied is that the sender of the communication has clear knowledge and understanding of the meaning he Meaningful misunderstanding to convey, and that the receiver interprets the message in such a manner that he receives the intended meaning.

Hence for effective communication the sender must determine the purpose of the communication and use words which have the same meaning for sender and receiver. Most common cause of misunderstanding arises from assuming that the word a label is the object.

Two people can then be arguing about a concept, referring to it by using the same word, arguing because this word means something different to each of them. So Meaningful misunderstanding be meaningful, words must establish the same thought reference in both the sender and receiver of a communication.

Words vary considerably as regards their value for communication. They differ in their level of abstraction. The greater the level of abstraction, the less meaning do they have.

Meaningful misunderstanding

Here words are labels for objects such as table or chair. Events In addition to objects, both action and time are implied, and so these are more complex. Generalisations Words are also used as labels for groups and collections of objects or events.

These generalisations are more abstract and less precise. Examples of such labels are: Furniture, machine tools, employees, parents.

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Employees, for example, can be full-time, part-time, shift working, office working, home working, male, female, young, old, single, married, unskilled, skilled, professional, and more.

Value Judgements or Ideology Value judgements and ideology are at the highest level of abstraction and words used as labels for them are quite useless for effective communication until the meaning of the word used is clearly defined in detail.

Beautiful, valuable, necessary, luxury, lazy, free enterprise, truth. Such words can be strung together and mixed with generalisations to provide good-sounding speeches and statements of the kind politicians like to use, to provide speeches and statements with no real meaning attached to the words used.

Listeners or readers use their own idea of what the words mean and so their understanding of what is being said differs widely from person to person.

I listed the word 'truth' as an example of a label for a meaningless abstraction. Surely 'truth' ought to be more than a meaningless value judgement, so let us look at this in more detail.

Consider two media reports of a current event. Each reports the same event, each apparently telling the truth, each report giving its viewers different impressions of what actually happened.

Can there be more than one truth? Such reports may tell only part of what happened, may report only what seems relevant to the reporter, may then be selecting what seems to support the particular viewpoint of those who prepared the report. Compare these 'truths' with that demanded from a witness in a court of law: If we agree on this as a definition, then the word 'truth' has become more meaningful.

Formal communication implies that a record is kept, that what has been said or written can be attributed to its originator. On the whole, written communications are formal.Misunderstanding #1 In my first example I was the sender. My role in the conversation is the District Manager.

My role in the conversation is the District Manager.

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As the district manager at J P Morgan Chase, there are times when I have to engage in difficult conversations with my subordinates. The Millennial Myth: Transforming Misunderstanding into Workplace Breakthroughs (): Crystal Kadakia: Books.

Sep 28,  · Meaningful reform I read the Sept. 28 article about the federal officials withholding millions in grant funds from Chicago Public Schools because of . Part of this is misunderstanding.

For example, an often aired claim is that high-dose THC kills cancer cells in a petri dish. This is true, but not very meaningful. There is no danger of confusion about intentions and no danger of misunderstanding the nature of our relationship. This gives us a tremendous freedom to enjoy one another and to pursue very deep and meaningful relationships.

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