The last ride together

Last Ride Together, The - Poem by Robert Browning Autoplay next video I saidThen, dearest, since 'tis so, Since now at length my fate I know, Since nothing all my love avails, Since all, my life seemed meant for, fails, Since this was written and needs must be My whole heart rises up to bless Your name in pride and thankfulness! Take back the hope you gave,I claim Only a memory of the same, And this beside, if you will not blame, Your leave for one more last ride with me. My mistress bent that brow of hers; Those deep dark eyes where pride demurs When pity would be softening through, Fixed me, a breathing-while or two, With life or death in the balance: The blood replenished me again; My last thought was at least not vain:

The last ride together

One is tempted to over look the last two in the table above but both of them are quite able to lock up the rear wheel just long enough to cause the back to slide out when the bike is leaning over into a corner. Therefore safe, confident braking on a motorbike is not a simple skill but requires practice and training as the condition of the road surface plays a vital role.

Generally here are some rules of thumb 1 Use the front brake!! This is the one that does most of the work. Braking confidently, progressively and hard on the front wheel is a critical skill and should be practised on a regular basis and under safe conditions. Do this on your own and with a passenger as the extra weight affects your stopping distance.

As you brake do not stiffen your arms - instead grip the bike with your legs leaving your arms free and relaxed. If you lock up the front wheel for more than a short distance when travelling in a straight line, the wheel will eventually wash out and you will hit the tar.

If you lock up the front while turning the motorbike you will hit the tar immediately but you should escape with only a few bruises. If you lock up the rear wheel while turning you are in trouble. The rear will begin to slide out from under you.

Instead apply the initial pressure smoothly for the first second. This allows the front of the bike to dip onto its front suspension as the weight of the bike moves forward onto the front wheel.

This added downward pressure means that you can now brake harder and harder on the front brake with little chance of it locking up on a good surface. As the bike dips down onto its front suspension do not stiffen your arms and prop your body up using the handle bars.

Instead grip the bike harder with your legs and keep your arms loose and relaxed.


Watch the road surface like a hawk. Keep the front tyre on a hard, clean, dry surface avoiding strange colour changes in road surface. If you cannot, ease back on the front brake and apply more pressure to the back.

Change to a lower gear to slow you down but let the clutch out gradually. Jumping the clutch out suddenly can momentary lock up the rear wheel causing a rear wheel slide out.

Diesel oil spills on the road surface from passing trucks are a common cause of bikers loosing control. The good news is that you will smell it roughly two seconds before you see it as a dark patch on the road surface!

You cannot afford to have the handlebars ripped out of your grasp for whatever reason. Alternatively locking up the back wheel, sliding and dropping the bike onto the road is an alternative that has saved many a life but sure as hell I hope I never have to try it!Casey's Caverns supported by your generous PayPal donations!

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Robert Browning and The Last Ride Together

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The Last Ride Together is a poem by English poet Robert Browning, first published in his collection Men and Women.

His first major work released after his marriage to Elizabeth Barrett, it consisted of fifty-one poems, each by a different narrator. Ride Delray is an upscale, low attitude, high-energy premier cycle studio, and is the next generation of indoor cycling. Ride Delray is the first indoor cycle studio in Florida to offer the world’s finest indoor cycling Stages Bikes.

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The last ride together
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